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<April 2015>
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jn.barnes's Blog

Well I have hit my 30lb mark and have slowed waaaaay down. However I feel my biggest struggle is that I am happy with where I am at. I have 45lbs left to lose to reach my goal yet now that I see I have dropped pants sizes and have energy I don't feel as motivated to lose the weight as I did before. I see the changes and I feel the changes I just simply struggle at this point with pushing forward even more. I had switched to phase 2 and promptly switched back to induction. The big question is how to get past this feeling of contentment and push towards my goal of a healthy weight. In the past few months I have done a few hikes some rather difficult and around 5-6 miles others mild and around a mile or 2. I plan on a 9 mile hike soon so exercise is not an issue as I enjoy getting out and walking and such. I am content with my meal plans and low carb foods as I found out during a two week slip that normal food choices make me ill. I have cut out atkins bar and stick with a shake or two as they really help when I get cravings for sweets. I do not use splenda very often mainly when a recipe calls for it. For the most part I live a sugar free/splenda free life. I count my cabs and I eat veggies like there is no tomorrow. My slow down seems to simply be due to my mindset. I drink water like a camel and then drink more. I would have to say I get about 8 16oz glasses a day if not more. Perhaps with this realization my struggle will lessen and my motivation will increase.

Well it has been a while since I blogged last. I have just been so busy I frankly haven't had the time. That is of course until now. I have finally reached my mini goal of 20lbs lost but have had a minor setback as I am now unable to workout. It seems I injured my back during some spring cleaning. I use the term Spring lightly as we currently have about an inch of snow on the ground outside and I feel like it is winter as the flu seems to have entered my household uninvited. This brings me to a question I have, how does one survive the flu without being able to have crackers, sports drink to replenish electrolights and a nice comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup to sooth the tummy and soul? I have hit my biggest struggle as I don't feel my glass of water and low carb snacks are really doing anything but turning around and leaving the way they came. Oh well enough of my whineing time to take a nap.

So today was my grandson's birthday party. He is 2 and I had the honor of making his cake along with some cookies. I was fine through the baking process and even after. It was not until it was time to cut the cake that I felt like I was going to go crazy. I was craving everything. On top of all of this his party was at an arcade designed for both kids and adults and the only food they had was candy, candy, candy, oh and popcorn along with soda. I would have had a diet soda just to get a little bit of a sweet taste but I can't drink dark colored sodas due to kidney issues. UGH!! Today was probably the roughest days I have had in the last four weeks. Now I know, little boys birthday parties are a HUGE trigger, going to the grocery store after a littles boys birthday party is aweful, and there is no such thing as sanity when your hungry and want nothing but everything you can't have. Well, here is to starting week 5. Hopefully this week will be easier.

Well this morning was rather eventfull (in my mind), I hit the 15 lbs lost mark and couldn't be happier. Well, I am sure I will be happier when I hit my goal wieght but still a little at a time. Two days ago I decided to stop counting calories and to simply focus on my carb intake due to haveing not lost more than a pound or two in the last couple of weeks. Since then I have lost an average of 2 lbs a day the last two days. I had to step on the scale multiple times in order to make sure I beleived it. On top of all of the weight loss I have officially filled out my graduation paperwork for college and am graduating with honors, my step-son bought his father and I a thank you card to simply say thank you for dealing with him being a teen, and our grandson's birthday party is this weekend and I have been able to control myself around the cupcakes I made and now have even more strength to stay away from the cookies I will be baking for the event this weekend. MY entire outlook of life, health, and myself has changed thanks to Atkins and this new way of life. For too long I have hated my body and been rather depressed, but not anymore. MY husband and I have been closer and he has been even more supportive than I could have hoped for. I really hope that everyone can experiance the same joy that this way of life and eating has brought me.
Well today I am nursing sore muscles from the new exercise routine I have started and was feeling a little down about my lack of weight loss in two weeks when I decided to figure out how many total inches I have lost. This was the boost I needed. I have lost 14 inches total across my entire body and am happy that it not only shows but that the number is so high so early on in the program. I think my reason for not losing the lbs fast is due to the fat being replaced by muscle and that is ok with me. I track my carbs, calories, and followthe plan how I am supposed to so I have to believe that is the case. Anyways, now I am feeling good again and ready to keep on pushing through.
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