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trixy098's Blog

Obviously vodka doesn't have fat or protein in it, so where does the caloric content come from? As someone who's toying with the idea of a low-carb diet, but is reluctant to give up alcohol completely, , just wondering if its okay to have a drink mabe 1 or 2 on weekends ?  its saying theres no net carbs so is it okay ?

 hi im on day 15 im not sure what im doing wrong i stay under 20 cards a day eat only whats on the list  no adkin bars or drinks , i have the ketos strips thay say im burning fat if in purple and pink well my scales the same now over 11 days  any one haveing the same results as me ? allso i do drink the diet rite sodas thay say sugar free card free and i have sugar free koolaid i net card a serving and the sugar free ketchup one net carb a serving , is this okay?