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starchazr's Blog
What A Week!
I found my travel trailer! YEAHHHHHHHH. In the next week, I'll have me a new (to me) used TT to go jaunting the camp sites in! Oh Happy Day, I so miss camping. Anyway after the final FIND and Deal, I've been running around finding the little things to put my new baby back to rights, minor repairs that when dealing saved me $$. You'd think all this running around would have helped the diet, but it doesn't look like it, I am down maybe 8 oz.. boohoo.... I have honestly stayed on my diet, (I even got steamed veggies, and bland boiled chicken when my Dad and I went out for our weekly dinner - it was a Chinese restaurant; I did not use any sauces or eat the rice) anywho back to what I was saying, I've only lost a few ounces..... but I must admit I have not been drinking enough water; and with it already getting warm down here (94 today) in texas, lots of water is a must. That was my week so far, I do hope you have all had a wonderful "lite'er" week, and to all my Atkins Buddy's Stay strong!
Published Friday, March 28, 2014 06:50 PM by starchazr
Filed Under: Induction, Weight Loss, Personal observations & lessons learned
anitabenson said:
Enjoy your travel trailer! I am looking forward to go camping again- didn't want to do it in the cold weather. 94 degrees in Texas, really? Didn't know it was in the nineties anywhere! Drink enough water and have a good weekend! anita
March 28, 2014 07:09 PM EST
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