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emmett_mc's Blog
Measurements not weight
It's been two weeks since starting back on the web site. I lost back the pound that I gained last week so I still can't show wait loss the last two weeks. However I was pleased and encouraged by the fact that I have an inch in my waste and two inches around my chest. This means I'm not really on a plateau. I joined a gym last week and am mixing resistance training with aerobics (treadmill). I already feel better and look forward every day to go to the gym.
Published Monday, July 28, 2014 11:14 AM by emmett_mc
Filed Under: Plateau
being-there said:
Nice work and results! You made a typo that actually describes my current status when you said "wait" loss. Yep, I'm waiting for the loss! It's just around the corner, I know it!!!
July 28, 2014 11:48 AM EST
emmett_mc said:
I guess that was a Freudian slip. Thanks, being-there!
July 28, 2014 12:24 PM EST
karchie56 said:
Good for you! I firmly believe in 'slowly but surely'. Daily variations are very common but I take note of my weekly trends. As long as I'm trending down, then I'm very happy. Keep up the good work :-)
July 28, 2014 08:33 PM EST
Rains120 said:
Awesome on joining the gym... myBF got me going and I love it it is a daily thing.. Even to the point using a trainer 2x week... I agree the scale is great to see results yet I will always go for the inches loosing first..
July 28, 2014 09:02 PM EST
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