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colette_heimowitz's Blog
New Research: Atkins is Safe for Your Kidneys

Although there are no studies that show that Atkins causes kidney or liver problems in healthy individuals, there are still ill informed health professionals who equate Atkins with excessively high protein intake and the potential for kidney function decline. Those of us here in the community know that Atkins is not a very high protein diet; we recommend a protein intake that is no more than 25 to 30% of total calories, which is optimal. There are already research trials that examined liver and kidney and heart function on participants who followed ketogenic diets (Atkins approach) in which no negative effects were observed up to two years after. Also, follow-up on patients at Dr. Atkins' medical practice (Dr. Atkins used his diet in private practice for 30 years) found no adverse effect on their kidney and liver functions.

Now there is more good news! A new study conducted by the American Diabetes Association supports the safety and efficacy of a low-carb diet like Atkins. This latest study compared a low-carb diet with Mediterranean or low-fat diets and their impact on preserving and/or improving renal (kidney) function of 318 moderately obese folks with or without type-2 diabetes. These participants were followed over the course of two years during a randomized and controlled trial, and a low-carb diet like Atkins was found to be just at effective and safe at preserving or improving kidney function as a Mediterranean diet or a low-fat diet.

The researchers believe that any improvement in kidney function was most likely due to the positive effects of weight loss from these diets, including improvements in insulin sensitivity and blood pressure. This type of research is always encouraging because it continues to show that if you are doing Atkins, not only will it help you lose weight (and keep it off), but that the protein intake does not have a negative impact on your kidneys, and, in fact, there is the potential that the weight loss may lead to improved kidney function in some folks.

Published Tuesday, January 07, 2014 04:23 PM by colette_heimowitz
Filed Under: Induction, Nutrition
coastlady05 said:
As a newcomer to this Atkins site, I am really enjoying your posts. Very informative and though provoking. I am crazy about raw spinach with olive oil and either Balsamic vinegar or Apple Cider vinegar. Have read conflicting reports about the dangers of eating too much spinach, would love to hear your thoughts. I would eat 2 5 ounce containers a day if this would not lead to kidney stones or either harmful results. Thanks!
January 08, 2014 10:20 AM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
Raw spinach has oxalate acid and is only an issue if you have a history of forming kidney stones. 2.5 ounce serving is not too much
January 09, 2014 03:41 PM EST
KarenLaPlant said:
How's this for irony....because of Atkins, On August 13, 2013, I was able to GIVE my son a Kidney. I am forever appreciative of the support that this site has given.
January 13, 2014 12:03 PM EST
cindysuehenry said:
I use an app that keeps up with my food intake. It shows the percents of carbs, proteins and fats that I am eating daily. What percent should my carbs be?
January 27, 2014 01:05 PM EST said:
Hi, I am confused. My Atkins Caramel Choc Nut Roll bar says it has 3g net carbs. When you take the total carbs of 20g less the fiber 8g's less sugars2 less sugar alcohols of 9g - I come up with 1g for the carbs. How did they come up with 3? Next - one of the bars tastes just like a payday and I am having a hard time finding these bars in the supermarkets that I shop. I brought up a PayDay - I came up with net 5 carbs for this bar. Can I use the PayDay in place of the Atkins when I can't find it?
February 27, 2014 02:50 PM EST
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