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colette_heimowitz's Blog
An Atkins-Friendly Super Bowl? You Can Bet On It

The biggest game of the year is right around the corner. Although there are plenty of tempting game-day dishes that have the potential to send your daily net carb intake into overtime, there are many delicious low-carb options that everyone will enjoy (even your friends and family who aren’t doing Atkins).

If you’re on the Home team:
Hosting the party at your house is the easiest option, of course, and gives you control of the menu. Here are some tips:

Hit the deli for:
• Cheese and meat platters
• Veggie trays (make your own low-carb dip)
• Antipasto trays (olives, peppers, marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes are a low-carb dieter’s dream)
• Relish trays

Make your own:
There are plenty of delicious low-carb recipes in The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook: 200 Simple and Delicious Low-Carb Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less. Start with (just to name a few):

• Sun-Dried Tomato Dip
• Speedy Spinach Dip
• Spicy Black Bean Dip
• Chili-Cheese Crisps
• Classic Chili con Carne
• Lemon-and-Basil Chicken-Veggie Kebabs
• Peppery-Spicy Baby Back Ribs
• Shrimp Diablo

You can also search our Recipes section on this site for many other delicious low-carb appetizer, dip and side dish options that will turn any game-day party into a guilt-free feast.

If you’re on the Away team:
Try the following tips:

• Have a plan. If there is one food you simply can’t resist, allow yourself one very small serving, and leave it at that. If you know even that one small serving will open the floodgates to a carb free-for-all, resolve to stick with low-carb options.
• Eat before you go. Have a filling low-carb snack or meal before you head to the party. You can try an Atkins bar or shake, or one of our new Atkins frozen meals. This way you won’t be starving, and makes it easier to resist temptation.
• Bring your own. Offer to bring a veggie tray or meat and cheese tray, and/or prepare one or two of the tasty low-carb Super Bowl-friendly recipes listed previously. Knowing you will have a few low-carb choices that you love makes it much easier to enjoy the party (and the game) without guilt or hunger.
• Don’t beat yourself up. So you had a Super Bowl slip-up? Instead of using this as an excuse to call yourself a failure and forgo all the great progress you have made so far on Atkins, make your next meal a low-carb one. Your next step? Plan your next week’s of meals and snacks, which should help you get right back on track. Add in a little exercise to give yourself an extra boost.

Even if your team doesn’t win this Sunday, with a little planning ahead, you can win at making the day Atkins-friendly. Most likely, you won’t feel like you’re missing a thing as you cheer on your team.

Published Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:43 AM by colette_heimowitz
Filed Under: Induction, Personal observations & lessons learned
Kathyw/aK said:
You rock many choices!!! thanks for the post Kathy
January 30, 2013 10:48 AM EST
codslayer said:
Colette, your a brilliant lady! Having a great plan to start with is always the key to success! Thank you so much, Jerry
January 30, 2013 02:16 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
You are so welcome. Thanks Jerry and Kathy..
January 30, 2013 02:52 PM EST
Cedar said:
It would have been nice if all of the fabulous recipes you suggested were on the site instead of in a book. I won't buy the book, that is why I am on the site.
January 30, 2013 03:30 PM EST
Delfys33 said:
Can some one tell me way the atkins bars say 3 carbs or 2 carbs in the front and in the back they have way more are the safe to eat if im only alow to eat 25 carbs right now
February 01, 2013 02:19 PM EST
ralenne said:
I typed in Dr. Atkins Spicy Black Bean Recipe online and what do you know it was there. You may search the web for the recipes if you do not have the book, but of course having all of the recipes in one binder is nice. Enjoy.
February 02, 2013 06:30 PM EST
lindasligar said:
I was happy to find out Atkins has frozen meals with low net carbs yet shocked to find the sodium content very high! Why is it okay with "Atkins" that these meals have so much sodium knowing it's not heart-healthy? A high sodium intake could cause water retention & show up on the scales making dieters feel the diet isn't working, sabotaging their efforts & faith in the diet!
March 01, 2013 01:53 AM EST
cindyann59 said:
Colette I have a question for you. I've been with the Atkins plan for six weeks. I've been doing well on it, but am having a hard time getting the 12 to 15 carbs of vegetables. I have only done that one day. Also, one day last week I craved the Atkins bars. I ended up having three of them and if I remember correctly the book says not to have more than 2 Atkins products per day. I was wondering if I may have been having a craving for something sweet. The only sugar product I have been using is Splenda in my coffee and I have no more than 3 of them per day. I have done better with the vegetable count this past week, but am still not getting all that I am suppose to; and it isn't because I don't like vegetables. I am actually one of those people that does like vegetables. I don't eat bad carbs as I am only eating what is in the Induction phase, I just can't seem to work enough vegetables in. Can you give me some suggestions? Cindy
March 02, 2013 10:54 PM EST
cindyann59 said:
Hi Delfys33....I have been wondering that same thing. I have also been eating the bars, and the frozen dinners. The book says not to eat more than 2 Atkins products per day. It is very confusing when there is different carb counts. Cindy
March 03, 2013 08:58 PM EST
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