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chicole82's Blog
Challenging Day 4 pt. 1
Well, it's morning, countdown T minus 3hrs until lunch.   I'm nice and full off of my own version of the Atkins scrambler (eggs, onion, yellow and orange peppers, spices to taste) and a nice cold cup of water.   I made low-carb chili last night that's pretty good...I love the caterer's salad so the plan is to eat my chili plus the salad the caterer offers.  

On the up and up, I got through 30 lady pushups this morning...super excited about that!  Hopefully I'll be able to keep that up for a couple of days, then I'll add on some more.

@mrsmitchell1114 I should've brought an Atkins bar...I didn't think of that!  I have sugar-free gum, hopefully that'll get me by.  @NicholeThurmond I totally agree, companies should provide opportunities for those who are concerned about healthy eating to have a nice catered lunch also!  
Published Thursday, May 23, 2013 08:47 AM by chicole82
Filed Under: Induction, Exercise, Cravings / Problem foods
donellejamersonw said:
I bought a Total Gym to give variety to my exercise and diet program. I just started back with Adkins, but I am sure it will work. Just a thought!
May 25, 2013 01:44 PM EST
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