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Plateaus: Once More with Feeling

 There are some things we just can’t seem to get enough of. No, I’m not talking about chocolate chip cookies or salted peanuts! Whether you’ve been on Atkins for a while and experienced a weight-loss plateau first hand or you’re a “newbie” who has been warned about this frustrating experience, Atkins Community members are perennially fascinated by this topic. And it’s easy to see why: who wouldn’t want to shine some light on why plateaus happen and how to overcome them. Plateaus are more likely as you get closer to your goal weight, but they can occur at any time in either Phase 1, Induction, Phase 2, Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL), or Phase 2, Pre-Maintenance. Rather than repeat myself, I suggest you read How to Handle a Plateau, as well as my previous blog, Areas to Explore If Your Weight Loss Has Stalled. Both should help you determine whether you are truly on a plateau and if so what you can (and can’t) do about it. Instead, this week I’d like to delve into the relationship of weight-loss plateaus and the emotional issues of control and patience. 

Taking Control
For people who’ve struggled with their weight for years, following the Atkins Diet is often the first time they’ve felt in control of their impulses—and overall, of their body. Controlling carbohydrate intake overall and controlling the specific foods consumed provide the reward of weight loss paired with appetite control, what we call the Atkins Edge. When this first happens, usually somewhere in the first week after starting Atkins, it’s almost magical. Virtue seems like its own reward, with the wonderful bonus of being able to eat enough tasty, satisfying foods to feel pleasantly full. Plus the psychological lift of feeling you can control your destiny in terms of your size and shape—and often in other respects, as well—is empowering. Life is great!
Losing Control
And then it isn’t. When you experience a true plateau—no pounds and no inches lost for at least a month despite following the program to the letter—the pleasure of feeling in control diminishes and may even evaporate. For almost everyone, after the initial flushing of excess water from the system, followed by the first few relatively easy pounds of excess belly fat, the pace of weight loss is unpredictable. Our bodies don’t work like clockwork and most of us get used to losing some or even a lot certain weeks and very little or none in other weeks. As long as the forward momentum continues, we can live with it.
But if you’ve been doing everything right and losing weight steadily (even if erratically) for weeks or even months—and then, wham, bam, it stops, it’s easy to feel sideswiped. So not only does a plateau stall your weight-loss goals, you may feel helpless in the face of this roadblock. No longer does counting your carbs and eating right reward you with the results you’ve come to take for granted. You begin to doubt yourself and your commitment to Atkins. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that plateaus can and do occur on any weight-loss program.
Stay in Control
Once you ascertain that you are truly in a plateau and not consuming more carbs than you think you are or adding muscle by upping your exercise level or making other lifestyle changes, you may simply have to live with it for a few more weeks. The risk at this point is that because you’re not seeing incremental results, you toss out the baby with the bathwater. By this I mean that if you decide Atkins just isn’t working for you and return to your old high-carb habits, you’re effectively ceding the very control you’d achieved to date on the program.
Instead of throwing in the towel, focus on maintaining the status quo. This will allow you to stay at your current weight for the short term until your body “decides” to shift back to weight-loss mode. You have every right to feel proud of yourself while staying in control without immediate results. Learning how to eat to maintain a lower weight is a tremendous achievement. Celebrate it along with other benefits, such as the reduction or elimination of cravings, less bloating, fewer GI troubles and perhaps alleviation of hypertension.
Practice Patience
During the maddening days during which you wait out a plateau, it’s worth reminding yourself that you can’t control events, but you can control how you respond to them. Your reaction to this cessation of weight loss is probably something along lines of “Oh great! I thought that Atkins was different from the other diets I’ve tried, but it must be just like all the rest. I might as well go back to my old way of eating because this isn’t working.” Wrong! You’ve probably just hit one of those times when your body recalibrates.
The very fact that you’re on a plateau probably means that your body is readjusting to its new weight. After all, the fewer pounds you’re toting around, the less energy necessary to power your engine. Just think how much easier it is to carry a 20-pound toddler up the stairs than her 40-pound brother! Or think how much more gas you use driving your car up a sharp incline in a low gear, compared to cruising along on a flat road. Rather than seeing your plateau as a failure, see it as an indication that your body is responding to the weight you’ve already shed. Stay the course and you’ll be rewarded, I promise you.
Stuck on a Plateau?
If you want to share some psychological or practical tips on outfoxing a plateau, please share with the Atkins Community. Or just let us know about your experience with a plateau. Have you had more than one? How long did it last? And as always, please let me know what you’d like me to discuss in this blog. .
Finally, to subscribe, just go to
Published Tuesday, February 22, 2011 09:31 AM by colette_heimowitz
Filed Under:
colette_heimowitz said:
It is normal to lose weight in fits and starts. It is also normal for weight to fluctuate up and down within a 3 to 5 lbs range. You need to think of weight loss as something averaged out over the course of time. Do not let daily fluctuations flip you out. You should also take your measurements with a tape measure once a week.
February 23, 2011 03:25 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
Have you been tracking your food to check actual numbers on or A good reality check will help. How about exercise? Are you doing any?
February 23, 2011 03:20 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
edamane is too high in carb for Induction. You can add them in phase 2. Induction guidelines Induction foods list Also, you'll get a lot out of the free videos, FAQs and courses on the Learn Atkins page
February 23, 2011 03:22 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
Do a clean Induction for two weeks to get you back into fat burning after going off track with the Stillman Diet. While in Induction track you food diary on Make sure you are consuming the minimum amount of calories which is 1500 to 1800 calories daily. Make sure you are; 1. Not consuming more than 25 to 30% of calories in the form of protein. 2. You are consuming at least 60% of calories in the form of fat. 3. Consuming 12 to 15 net carbs daily in the form of Foundation vegetables 4. Not going over 20 net carbs daily. Once you do that reality check and track everything, then you can add an additional 5 net carbs. Add ONE NEW THING per week to ID food allergies. If you gain weight from 5 net carbs it is more likely a food intolerance. Stay at 25 net for a few weeks each week adding a new item of food to check for tolerances. Work with either Greek yogurt, or berries, or an ounce or two of nuts and or seeds. Do that and report back to me with results in the community forum
February 24, 2011 10:59 AM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
Different people will respond to Atkins differently; some consistently lose weight while others do so in stages. Since you do not have a lot of weight to lose and you have a history of starvation dieting, that may have slowed down your metabolism. Being more patient will need to be part of your planning or you will drive yourself mad. Don't compare yourself to others and become overly concerned with short-term results. Certain medications, activity level, hormonal status, a history of starvation diets,and age can cause differences in weight loss. Also, make sure your expectations of weight loss are realistic. Atkins is designed to lead you to your natural weight. For many people, that may still be more than they wish to weigh. I also agree with posts and recommendations posted in the community. You need to remember that everyone who does the Fat Fast or medifast gains weight back, so that IS normal after being so low in calories. I also believe that eating so little caused your body to be in the hybernation mode. Especially since you are so fatigued and you are taking naps, feeling lightheaded and having mood swings all indicate that you are not meeting energy needs. 1) focus on eating 1500-1800 calories first and foremost. Increase caloreis each week in increments of 100 calories until you reach optimal levels. 2) On your food diary you never reached 20 net carbs. Do 20 net carbs..consistantly. 3) You do need veggies. you have barely any at all. you need 12-15 net carbs in veggies. 4) make sure you have 4-6 oz protein at EACH meal. Cheese is limited to 4oz a day. Cream is limited to 3 Tbsp a day. Some folks with slow metabolisms will sometimes need to eliminate dairy for a little while. Do this for a few weeks and stay away from the scale. Give your body a chance to adapt
February 24, 2011 03:31 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
No one is implying that you are lying, sorry if I gave that impression. I have read the research and while I agree that small ladies certainly can get away with 1300 calories, a history of switching back and forth from one low calorie diet to another will mess up your ability to burn fat. I really think you need to give things more time and be consistent with one approach. You have been jumping back and forth in a despatate attempt to see the scale move. Remember two things: First, your body is not a machine. Nor is it a duplicate of anyone else's body. It has its own system, its own agenda and it own timetable. In the long run, it nearly always responds to sensible management by the person in charge - you. But in the short run, your body may decide to go its own way, for its own reasons, which perhaps we don't understand. Don't get mad at it. Its a good body or it wouldn't have gotten you this far. Be patient; you can afford to outwait it. The next option would be to check your thyroid which blood tests do not always pick up on. If you run a low body temperature, you may have a sub clinical low thyroid function. But before we go there we need to see how you do for a few months on a clean Induction. If there is no results after a few months, and your body temps are in fact normal, maybe Atkins is not the right eating pattern for you. Some folks simply do better on low calorie low fat diets.
February 25, 2011 09:51 AM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
AHH, wine is the other fuel source. The body will burn anything before it burns fat. Alcohol will provide that other source of energy.
March 01, 2011 04:06 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
That is fine, you can do it without fish.
March 01, 2011 03:56 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
Atkins is your Edge, and carbohydrates are the bully. As long as you stay under your carb tolerance and force the body to burn fat you will be fine. Yes, some folks can get away with 1400 calories especially if you are sedentary. Your metabolism may heal as you go along and in time you may be able to eat a little more. When individuals follow very low-calorie diets their basal metabolic rate will slow down to compensate for the low caloric intake. This is the body's survival response to preserve its internal organs and muscle mass. The energy supply of 1500 calories (or therabouts)should not cause a drop in the metabolic rate, but rather maintain the rate while using primarily fat (instead of carbohydrate) as a fuel for needed energy.
March 01, 2011 04:01 PM EST
colette_heimowitz said:
4 to 6 ounces of cooked protein at each meal is a good target. Yes, you can eat too much protein and too much protein will slow down weight loss. One Atkins drink is fine as well. Consume more fat at the meal if you are still hungry.
March 01, 2011 04:03 PM EST
klons said:
This is exactly what I needed. I have been doing Atkins since Jan 2010. I didn't do too well during the summer but I have been on induction for 3 months now. If I go above induction I start to gain weight and fall out of ketosis. I have been stuck for 5 weeks at the same weight. I still have another 55 lbs to go so I am very discouraged. No inches lost in over a month. I use an elliptical 5 to 6 times a week for 30 min. I was looking for the "Plateau Buster" when I logged on today. For the last week I have been following more of the Stillman diet. It hasn't done anything and I feel like ...Ick :) Any ideas other that "wait it out". I am really discouraged.
February 24, 2011 10:04 AM EST
cbirrell52 said:
When I hit a plateau I have a day eating fresh fruit and raw vegetables only and drink plenty of herbal tea and water. I feel refreshed, and continue on the Atkins diet. This always works for me. Carla
March 03, 2011 04:28 AM EST
Nannette said:
I lost 40lbs on Atkins and kept it off for over 2 years, and then gain it all back plus more. I started back on Atkins Jan 3, 2011, and lost 13 lbs the 1st 2 weeks ! WOW> So excited. It is now 23Feb2011, and I have only lost 5 more. Seems the scale wont budge, and I haven't cheated once! No SUGAR, not one grain ! Help me, is there something I can do to get going again?? Im over 50 and on bloodpressure meds with diuretic, and Dr Atkins says thats a major nono, but I have to have blood pressure is very very high. Help !!
February 23, 2011 08:40 AM EST
-atkins4eva- said:
I am on Lifetime Maintenance and about a year ago I returned from a long vacation to find I had put on more than my five lb buffer. I panicked and dropped my ACE down 20nc/day and also cut back my calories to between 1500-1600 instead of my previous 17-1800. I then lost a lb gained a lb or two until I got some great advice to resume my normal calorific intake but keep my net carbs at the lower level. What a difference. Within a couple of months I had lost the weight and could slowly increase my nett carbs back to my previous level. I have been making Atkins my lifetime way of eating since Dec 2008 and believe it is the only sustainable eating plan for me. If you are having trouble eating the veges then I recommend mixing it up a little as you don't need to eat salad veges all the time to keep within your carb levels. If you find butter and cheese too filling then fool your body by drizzling olive oil over your veges to keep your calories up. It takes fat to burn fat and it is a completely different mindset to accept this. I also watch my protein levels as its not hard to eat a bit too much meat as it doesn't contain carbs. Its not a "free" food and 4-6ozs is a plenty big enough portion especially if you are eating other protein foods such as cheese or eggs at the same meal and you can drop the amount of meat back a bit if you feel you can't eat all the food. Good luck everyone :-)
March 04, 2011 03:37 AM EST
evdonnalynn said:
I have been on phase 1 from Jan 2011 till now. I started at 191 now I am at 171 would like to get to 130. I am 5"6" and 46 yrs. I have been sticking to the diet to the T. Never cheating. The past 2 1/2 weeks I have been stuck at 171 pounds. Now the scale says I am weighing 174. What should I do. I am getting very discouraged.
March 01, 2011 11:24 PM EST
metamul said:
I love Atkins. It's been easy and fast. I believe I'm one of those people who are addicted to carbs in any form. If I could live on a "all carb diet" I would be a very happy girl..a fat one, but happy. To date I have lost 80lbs on this diet. I have no cravings and I'm in control for the first time in my life with food. My wieght loss has stalled but I have been able to maintain for a few months now. All this without excersise!! I guess I'll have to now if I want to go any further. Not a problem because I have soo much energy. THANK YOU!!!!!
March 08, 2011 09:21 AM EST
karen_cast said:
I am having the same experience, what gives?
March 06, 2011 11:58 AM EST
bullgatormom said:
I've been stuck on this plateau now for three months, it is very frustrating! However, I have been under a lot of stress, made it through the holidays, my birthday etc and have not gained. My body loves this weight and it's not bad but I would really love to lose 10 more pounds before my surgery in June because I know I will have to be totally inactive for about 6 weeks. I need something to kick start weight loss again.
March 05, 2011 06:23 PM EST
rehlpn said:
hi colette, I did the atkins before and lost 50. Went back on and weight stalled the second week of induction. wait it out? can't seem to get in full ketosis. I'm a nurse and always on the run. Does not having veg for a day affect Ketosis? and i do use equal in my coffee. any suggestions would help
March 17, 2011 10:13 PM EST
Skinny_Jojo said:
Colette, I have just read thru the emails. I am now pumped up and diving in again. Last April I started Atkins at 285 lbbs. I had a short term goal of 250 for a July wedding. I actually hit 245 by the date but then could not get to 240. At the wedding I let me carb guard down..and then and then ... I started induction again but could not get past the 240 mark. Lost focus . Drive and am now at 255 AGAIN. You have kindly splapped me upside the head with the advice to the many others. I am restarting hard today. Logging my foods and NOW will also watch my calorie count. I'll stay patient, and try and remind myself how good I am at 255 from 285...and get better. Thank you for this column and being here to recharge the battiers. I'll check back in to post my success. J
March 10, 2011 09:15 AM EST
Merriblue said:
I had a stall for 6 weeks..I did what your blog, said..Followed the plan and waited it out. I'm losing again. I'm sure it will happen again and I'll follow this advice again. Great read, thanks Colette Hang in folks!!
February 23, 2011 05:55 AM EST
maryw2 said:
I am at this plateau, i started this way of eating oct3rd 1010, lost 40lbs, but now i have'nt lost an ounce sinse about Jan 12th, am doing all the right things, still counting my carbs drinking about 80 oz water a day, enjoying my healthy fat and protien, walking for 30 min 3 times a day and working two jobs starting to get a bit frustrsted,, thanks for any input ,, mary
February 22, 2011 03:01 PM EST
tmnden said:
I want to thank you for the encourageing words, I was beginning to get discouraged due to the weight slow down. I really like the idea that my body is just adjusting. I am staying the course, it is the easiest life style change I have ever made. It is not a diet any more it is a life style change for me and I really appreciate being able to find help when I need it and encouragement. Thanks to all who post as well.
February 28, 2011 04:39 PM EST
celticknot72 said:
Hey pixqueen, I went through what you did as well. I noted a couple of pounds came back on?? Don't sweat it! It may be that you were close to your cycle time? That could very well be water gain. I noticed that. I also have stopped obsessing with the scale. I also went thru a mini plateau for a few weeks - didn't lose another pound. Dropped 10 the first month. I didn't weigh myself for a few weeks - instead - I took my measurements and tried on pants that were previously too tight...that's real motivator! The figure on that scale - can drive you crazy!! Keep doing what you're doing and step away from the scale. Maybe weigh every two weeks? I got on the scale last weekend - and to my surprise - I had dropped another four pounds! I think we also get this idea in our heads that we're going to drop this weight really fast. Well, the majority of us don't gain that weight really fast. Don't give up! You're doing fantastic - 9 pounds! Wow!!! Next time you're in the grocery store - line up nine packs of butter and that will give you a good idea of your accomplishment.
February 23, 2011 11:19 AM EST
Victoriakyria said:
Hi Colette, I started Adkins the first part of January this yea, and was so thrilled to see weight just fall off of me!!I dropped 20 pounds in three weeks!! Boy did I ever have PLANS!!! Oh, my starting weight was 260, I am currently at 243.. After three weeks, I had an accident, walking in the woods I fell off a five foot embankment and suffered a compression fracture to my upper back. Needless to say this was not my plan, so excersise has taken a back burner for a few weeks. I started fitday this week, and it doesn't really look like I am over doing it with the calories, or carbs. I am drinking a lot of water, and doing all I can to contain myself (although I am still having HORRIBLE SUGAR CRAVINGS!!!) and be good. I am heavy boned, and wonder what should I be setting my daily calorie intake at??If I lower my calories, will that help?? BTW I calculated today that I have lost a total of 10 inches, so I can't be too discouraged, although I wish the scale would get moving again!! Thanks so much!!
March 04, 2011 06:28 PM EST
Flagday said:
Collette, I just came off a series of low calorie diets when I went on Atkins on Jan 14, 2011. 1st week - I lost 5.5 pounds - 202 to 196.5 2nd week - Stayed the same 3rd week - Gained a pound 4th week - Lost a pound 5th week - Gained TWO pounds 6th week - Lost THREE POUNDS I can't say it was easy to keep my head in the game but I'm glad I did. I could not expect my body, which was starving since October and on low fat for the last ... 15 years?, adjust to Atkins in a week or two. I do feel as if I had a breakthrough. I do feel like my body is on the way to healing and adjusting to a healthier WOE. I just picture my body on a cellular level going "What the heck is this stuff she's putting in me. Butter? What IS that? Meat? What am I supposed to do with that stuff? I once heard about cheese, so that's what it looks like?" I'm getting it right now. I do know however that I cannot be on the high side of 1500-1800 calories. And if that what it takes I'll do it. While I am not as upset as the poster above, I do have the same question. 1500-1800 is the party line but can we still do Atkins and consistently eat 1400 calories? I'm 5'5.5" (unless I've shrunk) but I've always had low BP, low pulse, low temp. And I don't go to no stinkin' doctors. Do you have any links for articles on slow metabolisms and any advice for non-prescription ways of firing it up? I could use an edge. Thanks Collette.
February 26, 2011 01:38 PM EST
miscot said:
FYI: I've fought weight gain my entire life, and what I've learned is this: 1. Atkins works, but I MUST keep my carbo intake low. 2. Atkins,(for me) only works when I also reduce the fat intake and calorie intake.If your body is utilizing dietary fat for energy in excess of your metabolic needs, then it is NOT burning body fat. The idea that the body shuts down on lower carb intake does not hold for me. I never saw a fat inmate in a concentration camp, and I do not lose weight unless I watch the calories-below 1400. 3. I NEVER eat past 6PM-and if I'm not hungry, I don't eat-period! This is just what I advocate for myself. Just passing it along to see if it helps.
March 01, 2011 10:21 AM EST
miscot said:
Please check my comment on the previous page. it may or may not be helpful. It's dated March 1st. miscot36
March 02, 2011 08:02 AM EST
dana6868 said:
I am also experiencing a plateau. I started Atkins on 2/1/11 and quickly lost 12 lbs. and now I seem to be stuck. I think maybe I am eating too much protein. I have a quick question - you say to eat more fat. What specifically? It's not like we eat a scoop of butter? Can you give me some food choices that are classified as "fats"? Thank you.
March 25, 2011 11:48 AM EST
raven4050 said:
I thought I was on a "plateau" because the scale wasn't moving. Then my trainer did a body fat analysis, and while the scale didn't move, my body fat percentage was down by 2%. I'm still stuck weight-wise, but in the past week I lost an inch off my waist and 3/4' off my hips. Sometimes the addition of lean muscle fools the scale. Look in the mirror. It won't lie (trust me).
February 24, 2011 12:58 PM EST
4mom22 said:
I started atkins about 3 weeks ago. I got stuck at a certain week which was discouraging so I quit! Then after 3 days I decided to give it a real try again. I re-read the old atkins book which I bought 8 yrs ago. I was successful then, must have been a younger metabolism. Buying the new book is really not an option right now financially, especially since I have spent many many dollars in the past for weight loss. So... I spent two hours on this site last night and I also did a few google searches to find out what the acceptable veggies are after induction. I have seen avoid starchy veggies, but what are they? I love edemame? Is this allowed or is it a no-no. I really want to give this a good try correctly and I can settle for all the things listed, but where can I find a more detailed list of what is allowed veggie wise?
February 23, 2011 09:52 AM EST
LissaKayh said:
I started Induction on February 8. I have GAINED at least 4 pounds. I posted in the Getting Started forum, and was mocked and left so upset I was in tears, ended up literally smashing my scale and throwing out the books, my supplements and the jeans I had finally gotten into, but then got too big for again. (My waist measurement has increased an inch!) I have been tossing around ideas on the Atkins Facebook page, and while folks there are much gentler and kinder, and have offered ideas, so much of the information and advice is contradictory, and I am still confused. And still gaining. Last year I did Medifast for 5 months and in that time lost 30 pounds. Very slow going, and if I am going to lose slowly, I want to eat real food and not have to pay a fortune for it. But on Atkins ... I am gaining on induction. I am terrified that if I don't find a path forward, I will regain all the weight I did manage to lose last year and be stuck with it, and stuck on induction forever too. Help? (To answer the questions I know are coming: no medications, I drink all my water and then some, no I don't snack, no I don't cheat, I log my food at FatSecret (ignore the entries for Fri, Feb 18 thru Mon, Feb 21 - I tried a modified fat fast with no luck) ... and for heaven's sake, I want to lose MORE THAN TEN STINKIN POUNDS ... my goal is to lose 25 more)
February 24, 2011 02:38 PM EST
LissaKayh said:
Man ... I must be typing in some foreign language. I give up ...
February 24, 2011 04:02 PM EST
LissaKayh said:
Trying this again ... _3) You do need veggies. you have barely any at all. you need 12-15 net carbs in veggies. 4) make sure you have 4-6 oz protein at EACH meal. Cheese is limited to 4oz a day. Cream is limited to 3 Tbsp a day. _ *ignore the entries for Fri, Feb 18 thru Mon, Feb 21 - I tried a modified fat fast with no luck*. I did NOT lose any weight on the MODIFED fat fast (ie, had NO luck), which took place from Feb 18 to Feb 21, and during which, OF COURSE I DID NOT GET ANY VEGGIES, THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE FAT FAST! As near to zero carb as possible. The modifications I made were to get a little more protein and NOT restrict the calories to 1000 a day. I guess I need to delete those entries so people will stop focusing on those days. Good grief! When I stopped the Medifast plan, I did NOT gain weight. I did not eat much carb, but I ate what I wanted of protein and a sane amount of fat. I held steady for several weeks before starting Atkins while I researched to find another diet. I AM following the rules, and I really resent the implication that I am lying. My BMR is ONLY 1300 and in attempting to eat that much, I am STUFFED and BLOATED and THAT is what makes me sleepy. While not on any diet or eating plan, just eating what I wanted, to satiation without worrying about it, I tracked my intake for a couple weeks. I averaged 1200 calories a day. Back then I weight 30 pounds more than I do now. Not everyone needs so many calories! We are all different, and I happen to be a very small person! I created a menu directly from what is on the acceptable foods list, suggested menus,etc. It is an ungodly amount of food ... and yet, only comes to about 1400 calories, 11 net carbs from veggies, and 18 net carbs for everything. The numbers do not add up if the plan is followed as written! Even if I could eat that much, the suggested servings do not add up to 20 carbs. I cannot eat 4 cups of salad every day, I cannot then also eat 2 MORE cups at dinner. Plus 6 oz of chicken or something?? That is an insane amount of food! Even split up into smaller meals (and just WHEN would I be able to do that? I do have to work for a living) I would not be able to eat that much. I never was able to eat like that! All calorie-dense food (cream, butter, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onion, avocado, etc) is off plan for me since I am not losing weight ... but I need more calories. Explain to me how that is supposed to work???? And finally ... 25 POUNDS is a SMALL AMOUNT of weight to lose?? Oh, one more thing, that "starvation mode" thing is nonsense. Really. Read the studies. Maybe down around 400 - 500 calories a day, but not 900 - 1000 with all RDAs met. Sorry if I sound irritated ... it's because I am!
February 24, 2011 04:51 PM EST
stacyol said:
Thank you, Colette! That explanation is very helpful!
February 28, 2011 04:12 PM EST
ClairW said:
Thanks for the encouraging words! After losing an initial 10 the first week I have been stalled at the same weight for the past 3 weeks. I took your advice and started to monitor what I was eating using fatsecret and I was surprised to see that I was getting closer to 30 carbs a day! Hopefully cutting back down to 20 will make the scale move again. The culprit was the daily glass of red wine I decided to enjoy anyway. Now its gone!
February 28, 2011 10:53 AM EST
glrl03 said:
I have just started the atkins diet about a week ago, do not have any idea weather or not I have lost any weight yet because I do not have a scale yet, but my energy level has boosted up. Before I was always tired and now I feel good. This is just in a week, I am going out to buy a scale and keep track weekly.
February 25, 2011 12:55 PM EST
glrl03 said:
I hope that I am doing every thing right, still a little confused on somethings, but I am bound and determined that I will lose the weight I want. The only thing is I don;t eat fish, that isnt going to hurt me in this diet is it?
February 25, 2011 12:59 PM EST
pixqueen said:
I am a newbie! I started one week ago and was rewarded the first five days with a 9 pound loss! WOW! that was motivation. I to have not cheated once even though I have been surrounded by gourmet cookies, brownies, and catered food almost everyday!!! The past two days I have noticed a 2# gain? I am so bummed how the heck can I gain?
February 23, 2011 09:56 AM EST
pixqueen said:
Thank you! I am still motivated, I do notice more energy and less cravings. I think I was addicted to food, I am a nurse and we are showered with food from drug reps almost everyday. Every time I walked into our break room I grabbed a bite of something. With Atkins on board I enjoyed the meat from the lunch provided but did not indulge in the deserts. I just had it in my head this morning that I should of just had a cookie if I was going to gain two pounds? I am glad I didn't and I will stay away from the scale for at least a week at a time! I will also measure that is something I haven't done!
February 23, 2011 10:07 PM EST
Susanssafediet said:
Go get a hammer and beat the heck out of your bathroom scales; now if you have expensive scales, maybe go to dollar store and purchase a food scale and beat the heak out of that.Purchase a 1st place blue ribbon (dollar store has ribbons or card store, even 1st place dieter. Award yourself for the 40lbs, could even get a red ribbon as 40 is for RUBY. Continue exactly as you are doing, WOW, you are doing GREAT! In 3 days go buy a new scale, weigh and measure yourself and plan for a gold ribbon 50 lbs,etc. ***Maybe do a parasite cleanse from the health food store. My thin friend who had excellent shape still had a stomach. She did a Parasite cleanse and lost her stomach. We worm our dogs and cats, hug and pet them, dig in our gardens, but never think about a parasite cleanse for ourselves, cancers are parasites in reality. Sometimes that is why people can't lose weight. Long enough sorry. I had great figure in school. Married 33 yrs. Had accident in 96 and now I need to lose 88 more lbs. I am 5 7.5. I lost 14-17 since Nov. counting calories. Went on Adkins for one week without new knowledge of how to do or this site, did Adkins years ago and lost 5 lbs one week cutting carbs last week, 2 lbs yesterday. I am happy. Just tired. I do take meds. When does the energy kick in? Oh bought Whey protein powder & mixing with water, it has given me an edge, I feel in contol. Counting actual carbs, trying for 20 but 22 to 26 seems to be what I am eating at the end of the day. Good luck. WE CAN DO THIS!!!
February 22, 2011 09:02 PM EST
Cooper2324 said:
Need some help..PLEASE. Been on the induction for almost 5 weeks now. I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Scale has stopped moving after the first 3 weeks. How much protein is enough and is there a limit on it? Or can we have unlimited amounts of things like grilled chicken, etc. And I am trying to drink the protein shakes. Again, how much is recommended? I have been doing 1 Atkins shake a day. Thanks :)
February 26, 2011 09:23 PM EST
MimiDiet said:
Adding iodine (pills called Iodoral have the 2 forms of iodine you need) can enable the thyroid to USE the thyroid hormones & help your metabolism wake up. (Not too much! Per label.) Also blueberries & blackberries (count the carbs, tho) added to my shake seem to help. Hope this helps.
March 24, 2011 10:11 PM EST
MimiDiet said:
Susansafediet, I love this!!! :) Hilarious, wonderful, encouraging post. :)
March 24, 2011 10:13 PM EST
MimiDiet said:
Lissa, Boy, do I feel your pain. While I'm not experiencing the same thing, I was thinking the same reactions as you to all the comments & advice you got. You WERE clear. For some reason, your system is reacting differently than some. You tried induction for 16 days, all of it gaining weight. Much of the early weight most people report is water weight loss, & maybe you didn't have any excess fluid retention to lose! Why the weight gain? I don't know. Maybe you aren't as carb-sensitive as some. Maybe you need to go low-carb (but not induction low), sensible veggies & sensible low-sugar fruit (like berries), sensible calories, sensible healthy fats. While Atkins works great for so many, maybe the above "sensible" works better for you. If you don't have the messed-up insulin problems that I have, maybe you don't need induction or even Atkins. Just avoid sugars, simple carbs, high carbs, & junk...and eat sensibly. We're not all the same. I wish you the best, Lissa. I hope you come back on here to see this reply. I think you have done great in the past & present, & I'm sorry you got slammed on the chat (I once got nastily blasted on the NutriSystem forum--I know it hurts, even from strangers!). I really think veggies & fruits are important, dropping bad & excess carbs, and balancing the rest. I wish you seem very sweet. You'll find your best way to lose the weight. :) Mimi
March 24, 2011 10:30 PM EST
kentuckygin said:
If it is water weight then i take B-6 and exercise 15 minutes a day for three days then take a break for 3 days . I believe the B6 will help and drink lots of waterI am basically on all the B vitamins maybe this will help you too and i know everyone is different, Just sharing whathas helped me.
March 18, 2011 09:39 PM EST
meesh76 said:
I have been living a low-carb lifestyle since March 7, 2011, To date I have went from 256lbs. to holding steady at 222 for the last 2 weeks. Although my weight loss of over 30 lbs. is definitely apparent, I feel that because I have loss weight EVERY week since I started, I may be at a plateau. I know you should consider a plateau being real after a month, but I haven't changed anything in my eating or lifestyle. And I still am in the Induction phase. I only eat vegetables, eggs and protein. Net carbs always less than 20grams a day. Any suggestions?
June 23, 2011 04:27 PM EST
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