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Atkins mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android is cool, not to pass on, don't miss it! Free on the App Store, Google Play!...
I'm leaving the office to go to a holiday party. And I have no fear!! Not even a glimpse. And it feels amazing :). ...
So I made it through week 1 of OWL. I few challenges this week in not eating enough but I got on track. Last Thursday I weighed 191.4 and today 189.0. 2.4 pounds lost in a week. From what you guys are telling me my body is going to naturally slow to...
Gosh, I love Atkins. Christmas cooking used to really get me in the Christmas spirit. This is my second Christmas on Atkins, and not only do I not have any cravings for Christmas candies and cookies, I have no desire to make them either. I am sure my...
Thank God for Atkins and clear thinking resulting from this way of eating...the food fest at work is just too much..for most people they have a Christmas Party and maybe some other holiday affairs to attend and it's over...not here..we have a party
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