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I just love brussell sprouts baked with olive oil.  They are just so delicious.  I know they are higher in carbs,but it doesn't matter to me, plus they are good for me :)...
Does anyone have some awesome and simple Thanksgiving recipes to share? I want to make plenty of low carb options so I can resist the temptation to pig out!I'm down to 0.6 above my lowest weight. I'm taking my scale back to my parents' to stay accountable....
No changes in weight or measurements.  :-(  (Funny... because my pants feel differently than they did last week.)  Oh well.  I have discovered some of the foods I was eating has "hidden" sugar.  :-|  I'll just keep moving...
My sweet husband saw that the sugar free candies were on sale so a few days ago he came home surprising me with about five bags of various treats...more like a trick than a treat! I had two pieces the first day...felt a little off that whole
Maybe it's too much coffee? No, I think it is too much stress. UGH! So far today, this is non-hungry stress. I was actually thinking about this yesterday when I was driving home from a meeting.Before I started Atkins, my drives to and from meetings were...
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