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Friends, now i cannot get the new post i just did to open and get the same results of being kicked off the site. I can go to older ones but not the new so I will continue to work on this. FOLKS, this team is bigger than just me. Oldies know what to do...
I know I have to drink water, but it is soooo hard. I don't drink water at all, and I truly am trying to include more and more in my diet. Trying to stay positive on this water
Hi friends!I've been on the induction phase for about 2 weeks now and I've only lost 3 pounds. I'm a college student so it has been cheaper for me to buy the Atkin's products that to buy, and find time to make, fresh vegetable options. A typical day includes...
Gamblers' Choice  Game #3 starts~TUESDAY~3/3   CONGRATS TO CHRISSIE FOR WINNING GAME #2 with a 5.2 pound loss! This is a closed game and the A-TEAM membership is closed to any more new members at this time.  This is not for everyone. We...
February was an uphill battle for me health wise, started Feb 1st at 257.6 even made it to 247.6 by Feb 14th. Valentines day then my son's birthday were challenges but I managed to maintain my weight loss, Then I caught a stomach bug and a bad upper respiratory...
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