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I planned on a two-mile walk...laced up the shoes and headed out...felt good and kept going...then hit construction on my usual route and ended up doing an hour and a half walk that was a little over four miles.  I guess that will make up for having...
Interesting article on why aspartame causes weight gain... There are so many great articles on how deadly this substance is, but I feel the one that most pertains to why we shouldn't eat it, is this one.
I am working on refinishing a rocking chair today.  Last year this time, I tried to spray paint over the old paint job, without taking the time to scrape off the old.  Kind of reminds me of myself.  When I try to patch things, (weight loss...
It is more than just a song!  I had a little patch of it on my wrist and I was doctoring it with over the counter cortisone.  I wasn't going away, so I used some calamine lotion.  That was a mistake.  All of a sudden I started breaking...
Once again, there’s great news supporting a low-carb diet’s role in the fight against diabetes. A group of 26 physicians and nutrition researchers, in a review paper submitted to the journal Nutrition, listed 12 reasons, backed by clinical studies, why...
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